Saturday, October 3, 2009


Say there was a caveman named Ugg.
He wakes up early every morning and heads out to hunt for food with his fellow caveman-buddies. Ugg spends half the day in the relentless heat, sometimes running as fast as his prehistoric feet would carry him and other times hiding as stealthily as he can in order to hunt down the animal that he would eventually take home as food for his family. The sun sets over the mountain tops as Ugg heads home after a hard day's work. He greets his wife and children with a cave-manly grunt and presents to them the day's kill. After messily devouring his dinner he spends sometime with his children, wearing his proud father-smile. He then spends some much deserved time with his wife (hell yeah!) showing off his best moves as "Ooga ooga eek eeks" (yes I happen to speak Uggish) ring through the air.
Afterwards he retreats to his spot near the fire, his favorite of course. He sits there for hours on end just staring at the shapes and colours of the burning flame in front of him.
Now see, Ugg didn’t know any gods. Heck, he didn’t even know most of his cave-neighbors! Nobody came to Ugg warning him about a Sacred God or an afterlife. Nobody informed him of any holy books or blessed prophets. Ugg hadn’t a clue how to differentiate between a sin and a fart. Ugg didn’t spend time praying to a being he thought had created him. He had no religious theories. No special chants. No holy names. Nope. Good ol' Ugg had better things to do.
Now don’t you sit there and tell me poor Ugg will suffer eternal damnation just because he chose to rather sharpen his spear for the day ahead, rather than repeating a chant in a language he did not understand. And don’t you dare tell me that Ugg will burn in the deepest pits of Hell just because he wasn’t enlightened enough about praying a certain number of times a day to a God somebody told him existed.
Like I said, Ugg had better things to do.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So then, here we are...

And so begins my cavalcade of absolute gibberish. Since I’m new to all this I’m hoping to get a hang of it before long. Never thought I'd be one to make a blog, but recently I thought to myself, "why not a blog?" Still trying to overcome the fear of the dreaded "blank page" though, been a while since I tried my hand at writing (well typing in this case, meh you know what I mean). I always happen to have a healthy doze of endless nonsense floating around in my head. Putting it down on to paper in the same way it sounded in my head (without coming off as a complete psycho) is harder than I thought. Anyways the blog is set, now to come up with anything with the slightest bit of appeal...sigh...this might take a while.